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Basketball Magic is a free flash game where you perform flying dunks
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Basketball Magic is a free flash game where you perform flying dunks.
Once you launch the game, your default browser will open it. You need to guide a basketball player, choosing the distance, the effect and the moment when he will throw the ball into the basket. With the mouse, you are able to perform different tricks to throw the ball and obtain a high score. If you do, the public will greet the player, and he will show his happiness by performing a short dance. If the ball does not fall into the basket, the player will hit his face and show frustration. The player can roll in the air, jump beyond the board, or even jump into the basket!

It is somewhat tricky to score when throwing the ball. You must stop at the right point, jump to the right altitude, and then throw the ball. As you can try as many times as you want, after some tries you will begin to manage your playing. The ball will leave your hands only if you are into the throwing range. If the player falls into the basket, he will not score any point.

Daniel Ángel Romero
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